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Questions and answers

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Why you should use our services?

When it comes time to choose a residence for olders, it is really important to receive good advises so that the haven fit your needs and aspirations.

What can we do to make sure this step is lived as serenely as possible?

This is the role of the consultant of Horizon du Bel Âge.

This is professional free service for everyone who needs it. There is no additional fees. So there is no reason to do without! Your time is precious and we certainly to waste it in research.

Our services are paid by the réseau des résidences privées du Québec.

When comes this kind of decisoin, it is important to consult an impartial expert to guide you through this process. L'Horizon du Bel Âge has given this mandate for over 17 years: to hearken, to assess needs and to ensure that service to the new environment correspont to the expectations of Elders.

Given the aging population and the increase in the loss indepence of several people, the public healt network must meet the most urgent requests according to eligibility criteria forcing the hosting private network receiving customers increasingly fragile.

Horizon du Bel Âge informs you about the differents between private and the public sectors.

Different type of private residences

  1. Appartments with services : for independant clients or very lightness loss of autonomy. These varied size apartments include kitchenette, living room, bed room, bathroom, balcony and outdoor courtyard. Some services are available such as basic healt care, dining, shops inside the complex, transport accessibility, etc. Prices vary depending on locations and include heating and electricity.
  2. Private residences, rooms and pensions: for independant elder or semiautonomous who will not take care of meals and other domestic activities. This package provides a price including care or basic framework. Most places offer a single room or a suite with private or shared bathroom, three meals, housekeeping, laundry, help with personal hygiene, medical assistance and other services. People can remain longer in the first type of residence.
  3. Private residence for long term helps : for non-autonomous customer acheive cognitive problem such as Alzheimer or physical limitation. Unfortunately, there is only few places for this type of needs. The costs are really high, although it can get a percentage of tax credits. These loans are also available in other residences.

Finacial aid

Some provincial government programs exist like housing allowance and tax credits.Each program has his own factors.

How long can it take to find a residence?

With us, a couple of days!

How can I be sure of the quality of the residences recommended?
They all are certified by the gouvernment of Quebec and we follow up your satisfaction.

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